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Let Our Cyber Security Experts help you.

95% of the Breaches created a Total Impact cost ranging from $ 800 to

$ 650,000 in $ 2022 per

Let us help you migrate to the Cloud

What We Do?

  • Provide virtual IT solutions & Repair full time / on site when needed - to let you attend to your customers  -Let us be your IT Team you can call anytime.

  • Our TopGun Cyber Security team will help you drive informed security decisions that protect your valuable assets (patented?), to provide situational awareness, train your staff to become security aware, and justify the ROI on the security budget.

  • We are Microsoft, Azure, Cloud certified partners serving Austin, Cedar Park, Leander and Round Rock, Texas area. Providing network security, malware, Ransomware, Firewall protection, on-prem / cloud  for any small business.

  • We are Cloud migration experts when you are ready or just need to talk / plan it ! Need to learn if you are cloud ready?

  • SIEM: Splunk, Microsoft Azure, Sentinel, Tanium EDR, Rapid7 suite /Cyber Security Consulting and Security policy planning experts.

  • Disaster Recovery and preparations on-prem / cloud.

  • Compliance: Need to talk Compliance (NIST, ISO, ITGC, PCI, SOX etc. ? Or creating the right Audit control? Getting ready for IT Security Audit / internal audit? We can help !

A few Services our IT / Security Experts provide!

  • 70% of Small / Home Based Businesses that Have a Major Data Loss, Go Out of Business Within a Year per

  • The Threat of Hackers and Cyber-Criminals are Very Real Now than Ever Before!

  • Hire us to be your SOC (Security Operations Center). We call it SOC-as-a-Service: This is a team who is Detecting, Preventing, Investigating and Responding to cyber threat around the clock. We will address & defend your turf off hours, weekends & holidays - Imagine that !! So, it is 1:00 AM on Saturday morning, who is watching the fort?

  • Our industry certified staff can perform Penetration testing, Security governance, Risk / Auditing / Gap assessments.

  • Need your Network security, on prem. / cloud or your SOC policies reviewed to make sure you can fight back against the Elite international hackers? We can help!

  •  New and Existing customers including Veterans owned SMBs receive 20% Discount on consulting / Labor charges for the rest of 2022. We Love our Veterans ! 

  • Need Technical training to make your staff Security aware? To tell the difference between Fishing & phishing? ! Let us be your virtual or on site Technical trainers for any IT / cyber Security subjects.

  • Ask us about CISO (chief info. security officer) virtual / on site services.

  • Do you use ServiceNow (SNOW) or MS share-point ticketing systems? Need an off the hours team to attend to your security events & remediate them? And even help with automating the remediation, like creating workbooks, notebooks in case of Azure Sentinel?

  • Need an expert to review, optimize, and configure your SIEM / event management tools for best performance to cut down on your licensing fees $$? 

  • For multi site / location businesses we can write an overall security ops. policy to help with your security shield 24x7.

  • Need to see if you should buy more laptops with Win 11 / Win365 or access Win 11 / Win365 / Azure VM, saving the cost $$ of the laptops / other hardware ? Ask our experts - This will save you $ 1000s

  • Need to perform Data Backups/ Restores or create a HA plan? We can help.

  • Question about Network design, expansion on-prem. or the cloud?

  • Questions about a secure VPN for remote staff using the right security protocols?

  • Your question is not listed here? Just call Sam at 512-674-1639

We Are your Small Business IT / Cyber Security Experts- Providing Peace of Mind, zero down time to your small business located in Austin, Cedar Park, Leander Texas & surrounding area, within 50 miles radius. Hook ' Em Horns!

Are you Ready for the Unexpected? Cyber Security is seen as Complex for many. As Hackers work 24x7 using the latest Technologies to steal your assets including your Banking info. & your customer's Credit cards data, Interrupt your Business with Ransomware demands. We can support your company in your daily commitment to stay Secured & up around the clock? Do you deal with the Fed. government? Are you ready when asked, do you have a CMMA plan? This is a Cyber Security Assessment plan required by companies contracting with government agencies.

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Network & Cyber Security

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions. Keeping in Mind That your Staifaction is Our Utmost Important Goal !!


We can provide support for many Security products including: Symantec Norton, McAfee, Bitdefender, Webroot, Kaspersky, Arcsight, Voltage (SecureData) and Atalla.


We Can also provide training for your staff at your site for many applications / OS or Security products. We are just a call away !

Customizing IT your way !

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Cloud Computing

Cloud 3.jpg

Cyber Security

We are Your IT Partner Every Step of The Way !

Customized IT Solutions: We are a true Trusted Technology partner you can rely upon for your IT / Training and Computing needs. You get Unique Attention and World class Service, you have been looking for.


Cloud Computing: Your Small Business require Agility with a future-proof HW/SW Infrastructure you can trust, spending less and worrying less for maitaenance and upgrades. We partner with you to improve scalability, increase Flexibility / Security and Lower costs on your Network Infrastructure, meeting current and future demands.


Security - Why do you Need it & Why do Hackers target small Businesses?: While breaches at Big companies like Target and Home Depot make the headlines, small businesses are still very much Target for Hacksers. Stephen Cobb, a Sr. Security resreach at Anti-Virus ESET, said that small Businesses fall into hackers' Cybersecurity "sweet spot". They have more digital assets to Target than individual consumer has, but less Security than a larger Enterprise. A recent infographic by Towergate Insurance said that last year 97% of smaller companies neglected to prioritize online security improvement for their future Business growth, by understimating their risk level. Let us Secure your data, customer information you have been trusted with. Cybersecurity Awareness is the first step to Security. Let US help !

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