Services We Offer :

At TopGun PC & Networking Services we offer a wide range of Services to match any Small Business.

Let us be the IT Team you can count on Around the Clock 24 Hours / Week, 7 Days a week. To Provide the Best Technical Support you have been Dreaming about. We can provide the Best Technical Training of the Industry Recognized Software applications or your Customized Software applications on your site or public sites in addition to preparing / Developing the Course ware for your staff.


IT / Helpdesk Services

We provide the following Hadware / Software Repair Services

  • All make and model PC and LapTop, Tablet, printers repairs, and installations. We will train your staff in using the devices or applications if required. We will repair on site if required.

  • Clean Viruses & Malware

  • Secure Data / Backup Info.

  • Troubleshoot Internet / Speed issues

  • Provide you peace of Mind !! 



Internet / Networking Services

We are a Leading Service provider of Internet Access, High-bandwidth transport of Voice, Data, VOIP for your small business. We can Service:

  • Network Infrastructure including any Hardware / Software /Swithes and Router. Physical or Virtual (on local Cloud or Public Cloud).

  • Install / Configure / Optimize any Network SW or Application to meet your Biz. Need.

  • Remotely Monitor / Troubleshoot your Network to prevent Down Time.


IT Consulting Services

Use our over 20 Years of IT Cosulting Experience to:

  • Plan / Strategize to optimize growth, increase performance, Add capacity, Add Data Cener Services, Purchase Physical or Virtual Servers (SW/HW) and choose the right Physical / Cloud Vendors for your Network Gear! Simply we'd become your Netwok Architect to free your staff to attend to more important issues.

  • Negotiate with Any Vendor on prices / Licensing to save you Time and $$.


Disaster Planning Services

  Disaster Recover planning helps businesses to anticipate, address and mitigate the effects of a business Disruption and Hopefully return to a state of "Business as Usual". Before a business opportunity is lost or your customer data is destryed or stolen by a Vicious Hacker !!

We can help you prepare:


1. Emergency Response Plan

2. Business Continuity Plan


  Just imgine what if you have a fire in your building / Business in the middle of the Night while you are away.

  What do you tell your customer about the data / Information they trusted with you.

  What if your Accounting Computers are destryed by a bad Virus? How do you Recover?


We have the Solution(s) to Answer any possible disaster or Accident that prevents business continuity.. Even for 5 minutes!


Virtual IT Services

 Outsourcing your IT Needs to our Certified / Expert staff protects you from unexpected troubles and Downtime. We will consistently deliver high caliber Service(s) using the same technicians whom you are familiar with and trust. Benefit from on-site or All Virtual IT Services. In addition we provide:

  • On Demand Services / Pay as you go services.

  • Never be without IT Service 24x7, Day or Night.

  • Remote Backup / Monitoring Service.

  • Let us Provide Technical Training of Industry products and Applications and Software or your Specialized Services or Applications to your staff on your site or public class Rooms.

  • Let us write / Develop Technical Training material for your current or future needs. We have Certified Technical Trainers on staff for any such Service(s)




Customer Services

   We want our customers love and trust our services, not just once but for life, meeting and exceeding your expectations every time we visit you. We will go the extra mile to ensure the services and products we offer and provide are consistently excellent, efficient and meet your expectations. It’s easy for us because we are honest and take pride in what we do for you each and every time 24x7. We promise to provide you and your staff a lifetime of positive experience because you matter to us. We undestand that you have the choice to hire / fire providers you are not pleased with. We will do our utmost effort to establish trust and friendship between your team and ours.