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TopGun Careers - 2021

We provide the best opportunities, growth and compensation. We keep up with IT Industry's latest salary standards such as to pay what you deserve.

Working with TopGun brings you growth, advancement, top pay and fun environment to thive in. We believe in great careers, family life and will compensate you to learn to advance in your job and earn more IT Certifications. Our CTO has over 20 years of Technical training / IT Administration experience to help and guide you to climbe the ladder to the top. We Will pay for your online education and earning your certifications. It is a promise we will keep as you advance with us!


$ PC & Laptop Repair Technician. 28 -32 per hour + Bonuses! 

Must have a minimum of 2 years of Industry hands-on experience in repairing, troubleshooting, Installing and configuring Hardware  / Software. Need transportation to visit customers, dress professionally, be able to communicate well and look proud! A+ certification required. Net+ certification is a plus. 


IT / Network Associate. $ 30 -37 per hour + Bonuses! 

Must have minimum of 2 years of Industry hands-on experience in Networking (Microsoft / Linux). Be able to troubleshoot / Install Routers, Switches and related OS. Must be able to install Server OS / configure and maitain their efficiency. Must understand Virtual Servers (VM). Cloud knowledge is a great plus. AWS , Security+ , Net+, MCSA certtifications (at least one or two are required) are a plus.  Must be able to work independently and Communicate well with customers!


Sales / Marketing Associate(Could work from Home - 35-40 $ per Hour + Bonuses).

Must have minimum of 2 years of Industry IT sales experience, be able to take customer calls, speak professionally, quote prices for Repair and installations for projects. TopGun CTO will mentor and help this person with techology expertise. One of the following certification is a plus: A+, Net+, MCP, AWS.  Could work from home and dispatch technicians to projects and ansure project completions. Write reports on project completion and relay issues to TopGun CTO.



Next Great Position!


Next Great Position!

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